Bordeaux 2000 Deconstructed








The whole year lacks tension someone says,

but not for the spider who comes up


from the cellar on the bottle of Bordeaux,

not for someone else who kills it by


staining the label with tiny organisms.

Someone is talking about the German


who cut up a Craigslist volunteer and ate

him with a South African Red—said


the man’s skin tasted like pork and spirit

improved his English. Too rich, someone said.


Shoulda had a Bordeaux, someone said.

Tonight we all know something small


about self-destruction; Sandy is eating

her fingernails while Joe dumps his wife’s call


and I was avoiding the growth that comes

from tension, too, just writing little notes


about parts of people. Tiny organisms

of tannins stain the bottom of the glass


as if saying who cares if it’s too rich,

just chew.




Originally Published by: Puerto Del Sol